Battery Chargers

Battery Chargers

When parking or storing your vehicle for long periods of time, your battery will start to discharge from the moment you switch your car off.  The rate at which it will  go flat depends on the complexity of the electrical system on your particular car, and the temperature at which the car is stored.

We carry a small range of trickle chargers from C-Tek at this stage.  These are designed to be connected to your car permanently and will not cause any damage to your battery whatsoever.  Infact, these intelligent chargers will extend the life of your battery!

  • No more flat batteries;
  • No more disconnecting and reconnecting your battery very time you use the car;
  • No more replacing the battery every year due to insufficient use and/or charge.

***** These chargers cost less than your battery and will save you money in the long run *****

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